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The Impart Podcast is a project administered by David Ramontsi, it embraces practice, creativity and human impact.

It’s a learning community of individuals on a journey that opens doors at the same time transforms.

We believe the more generous we are with ideas; it helps others become part of something important.

Our space is that of connection and opportunity. A space about ideas and work that shapes our culture.

In the podcast, we explore different philosophies about life. We talk culture, the art and science of work, business and creativity.

Science because we’re concerned about the functionality of these disciplines. Art because we want to figure out how to apply them effectively.

This podcast does not have all the answers but it aims to help us become clearer about the questions we want to ask.

Take part and listen below.

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With your involvement, we donate 5 percent of advertising profits to causes that help improve learning, the health of children and our communities. We have helped 000 people so far and we hope to continue the work and being part of something important.

Created & Produced by David Ramontsi

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